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About Us

Acara means “Integrity” in Greek and “Beloved” in Latin.

These are the guiding principles for our mission of doing everything Because We Care.

Acara’s rich history is a product of five successful home healthcare companies merging to create one united home healthcare family. Our core goal connected us, giving our clients and patients the best possible care in their homes. Joining forces has strengthened our ability to serve more communities, provide better services, and impact more lives.

We exist to serve and advocate for the well-being of people in their homes and community so that together we make a positive impact on their lives. Acara does it Because We Care. 



Life with Acara looks a little different. Imagine going through your day-to-day with genuine comfort and peace of mind, knowing a helping hand is near to assist. Acara aims to enhance your life by not only prioritizing your health but also by focusing on what makes you an individual. You’ll continue to rejoice in the highlights of life in your most familiar environment. Our devoted team members are committed to helping you flourish and allowing you to adapt under any circumstances. 

Our Mission:

We exist to SERVE and ADVOCATE for the well-being of people in their home and community so that together we make a positive impact on their lives

Our leadership team has worked hard to ensure that our company operates in an ethical manner, instilling a set of values that guides us in everything we do and ensures the highest quality care for our patients. 

Consistent with these values, our team has strategically positioned us for growth so that we can serve even more Texans. Our leaders act as stewards, constantly working to make sure that Acara is staffed with the most talented individuals possible in order to serve our patients. Our team is actively involved in making sure that our employees have all the necessary resources at their disposal to deliver the absolute best service possible to those in need. Through these efforts, we are confident in continuing to meet the needs of our patients.

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