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How to know when your Elderly Parent needs Home Healthcare Services 

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Watching our parent’s age can be an emotional and difficult experience. As sons and daughters of elderly parents, we want to make sure they are safe, comfortable, and well taken care of when we’re not there with them. One way to ensure that is by knowing the signs that your parent may need home healthcare services.  Here are five signs that indicate your elderly parent may need home healthcare services. 

1. Declining Mobility – A lack of mobility could be a sign that your elderly parent needs home healthcare services. It could mean that their physical abilities have been diminished or their motor skills have weakened due to age-related issues such as arthritis or a stroke. If you notice a decline in their mobility, it may be time to look into home healthcare services for them so they can remain safe and independent at home. 

2. Isolation from Family & Friends – When aging parents start avoiding social activities or lose interest in spending time with family and friends, it could be a sign of depression or other mental health issues associated with aging. If your parent has become reclusive over time, it may be beneficial for them to receive help from a home healthcare professional who can monitor their mental well-being and provide companionship while they are alone at home. 

3. Difficulty Managing Daily Tasks – Many seniors face difficulty managing everyday tasks such as housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, errands, etc… If these tasks become too much for them to handle on their own then it is important to consider hiring a home healthcare provider who can help with these activities so your elderly parent stays healthy and safe at home.

4. Forgetfulness & Confusion – As we age our cognitive abilities tend to diminish over time which makes us more susceptible to confusion and forgetfulness about simple things like taking medications on time or remembering appointments with doctors. If your elderly parent is exhibiting any signs of confusion or forgetfulness then hiring a home healthcare provider can help reduce this risk by providing reminders about daily tasks and monitoring medication schedules as needed. 

5. Hunger Cues – Unintentional weight loss is often caused by poor nutrition in seniors who don’t have access to proper nutrition either because they are unable to shop for groceries or cook meals for themselves due to physical limitations or lack of knowledge about healthy eating habits. A qualified home healthcare provider can help ensure that your elderly parent gets the proper nutrition they need by helping them prepare nutritious meals at home or accompanying them on grocery shopping trips if needed. 
 Caring for an elderly parent can be both rewarding and challenging; however, knowing when it’s time for additional assistance is key when it comes to ensuring safety and comfort at all times in later years of life. The five signs above are just some examples of what might indicate that it’s time for extra help in the form of a professional caregiver who specializes in providing quality caregiving services tailored specifically for seniors living at home. By familiarizing yourself with these indicators now you will better know when the right time is should you ever find yourself needing assistance with caring for an aging loved one in the future. Being proactive about understanding warning signs ahead of time gives us peace of mind that our parents will get the best care possible should they ever need it down the road. Taking care of our elders is essential; if you think your loved one needs extra help, reach out today! There’s no better way than making sure your senior loved one remains safe at all times when you’re not there with them than by hiring qualified professionals who specialize in providing quality elder care service tailored specifically designed to meet their needs. Acara is here to serve our communities in Central and South Texas with the very best at-home care.

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